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Hi I'm megaden2222, books are my life and I wanted to share them with you.

The Downside of Love the Blue Line Duet book 2

I'm totally and completely shattered right now in the best possible way. I'm sobbing heartbroken tears, touched tears, happy tears. My entire world is just wrecked right now. This book! Wow. I'm too emotional to have the right words for... Continue Reading →


Dracula’s Brides

This total book was extremely well done. Even though there were some inconsistencies throughout, it's amazing how well they tied everything together. To have 4 different authors write one entire connected story so well while writing them all at the... Continue Reading →

The Upside of Falling the Blue Line Duet book 1

The emotion in this book is just touching. I was in tears almost just from how much I love Rory and Colby. I absolutely love this book. As a person who did the long distance love of a military man... Continue Reading →

One Baby Daddy

I absolutely loved the first part of this book. Hayden is swoon worthy and Adalyn was the perfect woman. They had such chemistry I could feel it. They were the absolute perfect couple. Hilarious and just perfect. Then the middle... Continue Reading →


I know I have been absent for a while but I was going through some personal stuff. This is my first read in a couple of months (since my last post actually) and I couldn't have picked a better book... Continue Reading →


I liked it. Its not the worst book I've ever read but it's not the best either. I dont think I would read it again but I didn't feel like I wasted my time reading it once. Cute story line... Continue Reading →

Three Blind Dates

This was super cute. For the first time ever though I don't have to say it was my favorite! I loved it and i would read it again of course but with the three men I didnt fall madly in... Continue Reading →

Team Player

Shorter stories are always harder for me to enjoy, HOWEVER this anthology was absolutely amazing. I signed up because I love sports romance, and Meghan Quinn one of my favorite authors has a story in it. I came out with... Continue Reading →


Holy hotness and emotion! Wow! I am blown away by this book. I love every character in this story. My heart shattered and I bawled of happiness. One of the best books I've ever read. There was crazy hottness, angst,... Continue Reading →

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