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Hi I'm megaden2222, books are my life and I wanted to share them with you.


I like the kind of slapstick humor at parts. It's nice to have a book that draws you in and keeps you captivated while being lighthearted and action packed. A super unique combination but it really works. Lighthearted, touching, suspenseful,... Continue Reading →

Food Fight

Holy hotness. This book was on fire, super sexy. The first book is clever and sexy. The second book is hilarious and sarcastic. The perfect pairing of stories, different enough to know they have separate authors but close enough to... Continue Reading →

Twisted Twosome

This book was fantastic. Sarcastic, funny, touching and just everything. I loved how Meghan Quinn incorporated words in this, it was very artful. I love this couple together. If you've read my best friends ex you know racer, and he... Continue Reading →

The Edge of Us

I could not put this book down. It was artfully beautiful. It's heartbreakingly touching, absolutely amazing. I'm not ashamed that I'm still crying xP it was just so beautiful and there was so much emotion. I did not put this... Continue Reading →


If you aren't a mom you will learn the inner horrifyingly hilarious secrets of motherhood. If you are a mother you will relate to a lot of this book. I was kind of confused by how some of the stories... Continue Reading →

Fractured Love

I normally don't like stories that take place in the present and the past, because often times it's hard to jump around. However this book managed the segway perfectly, it was very well done and I was captivated by this... Continue Reading →

Sexy Beast

Hot hot hot! This is probably the steamiest of the single dads club books. Sydney is something special, she's mature for her age and she cares and loves her dad so much it's touching to see that relationship. Piper Rayne... Continue Reading →


This book was interesting. I honestly don't know how to rate it xD it's so unique and while it was good it's so unlike anything I've really read before. I'm left with my head spinning unsure of how to feel... Continue Reading →

Bad Penny

It was an alright book. It had moments of humor and was super sexy I mean it was good it was a romance it just wasn't anything special. The whole idea of the book was confidence and being yourself but... Continue Reading →

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