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Hi I'm megaden2222, books are my life and I wanted to share them with you.


Holy hotness and emotion! Wow! I am blown away by this book. I love every character in this story. My heart shattered and I bawled of happiness. One of the best books I've ever read. There was crazy hottness, angst,... Continue Reading →



I really really liked this book. Alex isnt afraid to stand up for herself and I absolutely loved that. Colton and Alex are adorable together, they have such a great relationship, you can feel how strong their bond is. I... Continue Reading →

The Other Brother

The queen of emotions is at it again! No one can do angsty Rom-coms quite like Meghan Quinn. The prologue was enough to punch me in the feels. I mean wow, and then straight to humor and there is no... Continue Reading →

Bold Strokes Deadly Dreams Book 5

These books suck you in! I read the first 5 books in 2 days because I literally could do nothing else. This book was no different I was hooked from page one and I couldn't stop until the last drop... Continue Reading →

Clean Break

This review is so hard to write without spoilers. As you know it's book 3 in the series and if you've read my other reviews you know how I feel about who she belongs with and what was going to... Continue Reading →

1 Year Blogiversary!

Ahhhhhhhh I can't believe a year ago today I started my blog. It all started with a page where you left reviews for books as you read them to get entered to win Amazon gift cards, and I realized hey... Continue Reading →


This book was addictive, I could not put it down! My son had school and I needed to get him ready for bed, a part of me wanted to let him stay up and just call him in sick the... Continue Reading →

The Manny

This book was so sweet and adorable. I swear every piper Rayne book gets better and better! As a mom I'm a sucker for a book with kids, and this was one of my favorites. Vance is just so special.... Continue Reading →

Forget You Not

This was almost like 2 different people wrote it. The sex scenes were super raunchy and the rest was almost sickly sweet. I can't say I was a huge fan. It wasn't a bad book it just wasn't a very... Continue Reading →

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