These books suck you in! I read the first 5 books in 2 days because I literally could do nothing else. This book was no different I was hooked from page one and I couldn’t stop until the last drop xP. I mean this book was the best in the series, there was so much, but it was done in such a way that it wasn’t rushed or jumbled. I absolutely adore every single one of these characters, I mean I want them to succeed and be happy, I want them to have it all. These are such unique and fantastic stories, truly one of a kind. These books break the traditional book plot line, they follow their own. If you haven’t read this series yet you absolutely need to! However this is the last book so you probably should read no further! I may give away spoilers from the earlier books so you’ve been warned. It ended how I thought it would, honestly how I hoped it would. But did it end? I want more! I mean I always need more from this series it defined binge reading for me. Eat sleep and read this series is all I was capable of. I like how she left it open ended, so if she wants to revisit some of the characters she can. This book had a lot of action, a lot of twists and turns, and one whopping good story. I mean we all knew going into this that it was going to be the end good or bad, and I think the way she did it was fantastic. There was a ton I never even imagined could happen, and a some I wish would have but didn’t. The only part I disliked was the part with McNab (you’ll know when you read it.) it seemed super out of character for him. He’s been one of my favorites so learning all about him was so wonderful. Yes you get to know McNab! Isn’t that reason enough to read this? I mean if you’ve read book one obviously you are stuck and can’t stop until you have, but if you were debating it is so worth it. This wrapped up everything in a loosely tied bow xP. A wonderful end to a wonderful series.



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The final chapter in Shay Baynes’ Story.

Shay has come a long way from the wishy washy girl she used to be. She’s coming into her power as a woman and supernatural being.

In the final installment of this wild urban fantasy, Shay has to figure out how to kill the Specter without killing herself.

Will she succeed in stopping the murders?

Enjoy the end of a wild urban fantasy with murder, horror, magic, demons and more!

**This book contains adult language and situations**

The Deadly Dreams Series – in the suggested reading order
​Sketches (Deadly Dreams Book 0)
Fine Lines (Deadly Dreams Book 1)
Vanishing Point (Deadly Dreams Book 2)
Abstraction (Deadly Dreams Book 3)
Darken (Deadly Dreams Book 4)
Bold Strokes (Deadly Dreams Book 5)


The Deadly Dreams Box Set
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