From the way this book begins I never expected Carson King to be a gentleman, but he ended up being one of the biggest I’ve ever read about. Of course he’s dirty in the bedroom but in every other aspect he is actually super respectful and caring. He’s dream worthy and his kindness and unwavering affection really just made me swoon. The connection of Carson and Sylvie is strong and unmistakable; its touching, heartwarming and romantic.  I liked that there wasn’t much drama in this book, there was a problem of course but instead of dwelling on it or creating more drama than necessary there was only the one big problem and it was solved in a great way instead of drawing it out. Where Courtney was my favorite female in the series Carson is easily my favorite male. I could not put this book down (a problem I face with every Lisa Suzanne book). I want a Carson for myself, a man willing to confront his deepest fears and secrets to be with me, umm yes please. I really couldn’t believe the kind of man Carson King truly was. Sexy, strong, cocky (is he though deep down?) and willing to do whatever it takes for the people he cares about. One of the best books in the series, probably because it was so unexpected. This book is as always extremely well written and emotional. I know I really love a book if it makes me cry, (yes a happy ending if the book was amazing always makes me cry. So not from sadness or anything but just because I’m a sucker for love.) this book had me tearing up at the end. This is probably the most romantic book Lisa Suzanne has written, it just touched me in the best possible way.



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From the outside, Carson King looks like he has it all. He’s next in line to be CEO of King Communications, he’s hot and single, and he’s at the center of the New York social scene. He has a different woman on his arm every night, and he wouldn’t change a single thing about his life…until Sylvie Baker storms into his boardroom.

Sylvie Baker actually does have it all. She balances a successful career with the perfect boyfriend—a man she plans to marry someday. She wouldn’t change a single thing about her life…until Carson King challenges everything with one simple confession.

Sylvie is intent on fighting her feelings. Carson’s convinced it’s just a waiting game.

But how long is he willing to wait for her?