I just wanted to share a little love for all the indie authors out there. (I know regular authors are great as well but I haven’t had as much interaction with them so I had to single out the indie authors.) I have reached out to a few of you before I even started my blog, and every single person I messaged took the time to message me back. The indie community is filled with some of the absolute best people. Now I’m a total book nerd, so for me its like Jennifer Lawrence messaging me back or some other super famous actor. I swear every time I get a response (which is basically every time) I jump up and down in excitement. I know you are busy and it means the world to me to get a response. Meghan Quinn, Mia Kayla, Lisa Suzanne, Alyssa Drake, Violet Duke, to name a few are so interactive on their facebook pages. If you are a lover of books these are all authors you should really be reading already and the fact that they actually love us back xP In my mind they do because they talk to us lmfao (No I’m not a crazy stalker haha but I sure can sound like it can’t I) but if you haven’t read anything by them yet you absolutely need to! They just act like regular people, and they have all been so kind and amazing every time I’ve reached out.  Jamie McGuire was the first ever author to respond to me. I had missed this Q&A she had on her page so I was upset with myself and decided I needed to know so I messaged her. I was thinking I know this is pointless she won’t read it or respond she probably gets so much fan mail but I had to try it because I needed to know. I asked her a question that led to her admitting she was working on something to answer all my questions and she would be telling the world what it was soon because none of her fans knew she started it yet. ( I didn’t get the name or any spoilers or anything) just that she was working on something. I screenshotted her response because to me it was absolutely monumental and mind blowing that an author would take the time to answer a silly little fans question. I went and bought a signed copy of the book she hinted at to me when it finally came out because it was extra special. She had told me about that book before other people so I needed a signed copy. I still have that messaged saved (I say that like it was sooo long ago when really it was like a year lmfao) because its just that special. Honestly every author that has responded to me has a screenshot saved somewhere because it means the absolute world to me. Mia Kayla takes the time to respond to almost every single thing on her facebook reader group, which is just amazing. I did an author spotlight on her a while back my first everr xP because of the fact that she felt like a long lost friend instead of this untouchable person. She said yes and inspired me to reach out and ask other authors if I could ask them questions. Every single author I have asked to interview has thanked me, umm no seriously thank you don’t thank me, this is insane that you are taking the time to answer questions for my blog when I’m sure you are all crazy busy. Alyssa Drake was the first author to ask me if I was open to reviewing other books and she handled me fan girling every single time we talked like a champ lmfao (I honestly have no idea how she did it because I must have been the most unprofessional person she has talked with xD). I asked Lisa Suzanne if I could write a review on my blog for an arc I recieved and she told me of course so I sent her what I wrote and she thanked me, and then I went all fan girl and told her no thank you without your words mine wouldn’t be possible. Meghan Quinn is my all time favorite author at this point and when she responded to me I almost cried because I mean shes someone I almost idolize (its hard to put into words really) I love her work I’ve read it all so if I ever met her I’d like pee myself in excitement and throw myself into her arms (Hopefully before I peed myself otherwise eww xD). Violet Duke cares so much about her fans that while shes been sick her husband has been posting on her facebook group and interacting with everyone, if thats not commitment and love to her fans I don’t know what is! I’ve noticed in the indie community they are just all kind and caring and they actually want to talk to us crazy fans. I just needed to say I appreciate everything you do, writing stories that take me to far off places. Characters that I love and love to hate. Worlds that come to life and are better than movies. I don’t know what I would do without you all. Then you all go above and beyond interacting with your fans and honestly I can’t ever put into words how absolutely amazing it is to talk with you. If you as a fan read an author you love, go follow them on facebook or other social media you will not be disappointed! You won’t miss a single thing they release and you can interact with these amazingly kind people that make our fantasies a reality. There is something about knowing that you talked to the person that wrote a certain book that just makes its so much more special. I just wanted to say thank you to every author out there you are the best part of this crazy world and everything you do is noticed and appreciated!


Happy reading (And/or writing) until next time!