I wish she wouldn’t have skimmed over the ending so much. There was so much more emotion that could have been involved and she kind of just decided to not have any at the end. I felt like there were a lot of parts that were unnecessary she could have gotten rid of to make the ending more right. It was a sexy naughty darkish read. I liked how original the story line was and I really enjoyed this book I was just disappointed that such a great book had such a lame ending. At first I hated Piper, but as she grew, I grew to like her a lot. I could picture Ann and she seemed like a sweet old lady, I loved her. I was again disappointed with how little of her we got at the end. It just felt like all emotion turned off and became rushed, I honestly felt like I was reading an entirely different story. I’m so upset because I loved this book so much and it had such potential. There was so much more she could have done. Its a shame when such a unique creative book is addicting and amazing and then it all just falls flat. I’d say the creative aspect makes it worth reading, just don’t have your hopes up for the ending the story deserves. I know it seems like I hated the book but I honestly wouldn’t feel so strongly if I didn’t like the book as much as I did. While I wished she would have done things differently, the things she did right she did amazingly right. I honestly could not stop reading this book it was new and fresh and dirty. I loved the strength, sweetness, and absolute terribleness of the characters.



Happy reading until next time!







He’s a beautiful bastard, and he seems determined to make my life a living hell. I can’t decide if I’d rather kick him in the dick or screw him, but I know what he wants to do to me. All of the deliciously sinful things that I crave.


We met by chance at a club, and the chemistry between us was undeniable. Then I started working for his mother, and he suddenly found me unworthy. Now he’s doing everything in his power to make me quit or get fired. I’m not the kind of woman to let a man walk all over her, though.


He presses all of my buttons, both intimately and emotionally. I’m torn between the need to resist him and the desire to give into his demands. If I let him have his way, though, I’ll lose everything.



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I bend to climb into my car. Holden is on me in an instant, pulling me back and closing my car door. I’m so startled that I allow him to back me up against my car, to pin me there. Tears are gathering beneath the surface. I refuse to look at him, refuse to let him see that he’s breaking me down.

“I can make you submit.” He reaches up a hand, and I flinch away, squeezing my eyes shut to keep the tears from spilling. The backs of his fingers whisper across my cheek. Then he cups my chin, tilting my face up.

“I hate you.” My voice is weak and pathetic.

“A lot of people hate me. But I still get what I want from them.”

Is that what is going to happen? The thought fills me with despair. He’s already whittled me down so much.

My mind is going a million miles per hour. I’m trapped, suffocating, about to panic. I’m two seconds short of freaking out when I feel something that totally turns logic on its head.

Lips. His lips on mine. Kissing me. So hard.

I open my eyes and a muffled sound comes out, perhaps an objection. I can’t really tell.

The kiss deepens. His tongue darts out to taste my mouth. And then the sick realization hits me that I like this. I like the feel of his mouth on mine. I like that he’s holding me so tightly. I’m not supposed to. I’m supposed to loathe the very thought of him putting his hands on me, but I don’t. Something inside of me has snapped—the part that keeps me grounded. I don’t know if I’m coming or going anymore. I don’t know what’s happening. All I do know is that he smells incredible and that his lips feel amazing pressed against mine.





Sky Corgan is the USA Today bestselling author of Bully. She lives in Texas where the sun is hot and the men are hotter. When she’s not typing away at her next steamy romance novel, she enjoys hanging out with friends and attending kinky BDSM clubs. Many of the events in her books are based on things that actually happened, and she greatly fancies infusing real life with fantasy.




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