I loved this book! It was the perfect amount of funny, it didn’t seem like the author was trying too hard and it made me laugh out loud a couple of times (which for me is amazing.). The characters were relatable and I loved the word vomit. Also the shark week box omg my friend and I always say stupid stuff like that and I just loved it. Jacoby was seriously so sweet and caring and perfect. Can you say book boyfriend, I wish he was real xP. I loved that there wasn’t unnecessary drama, the book was still amazing without trying to drag it out or have no communication. I could not put this book down. It just felt so real and I could feel the love that Jenna and Jacoby had. I can only hope that Linda and Jack get their very own book because I do not want to say goodbye to these characters. Not just Jenna and Jacoby but every single character I met in this book was amazing in their own way. The side characters didn’t out shine the main characters but they added a brightness to this book. I want so much more of everyone. I also read the thank you at the end and Susan Renee talks about how hard writing a comedy is, let me just say you would never have guessed this was hard for her to write because it was absolutely amazing. It was the perfect amount of comedy drama and happiness. Can I say I loved it any more without it becoming obnoxious, because I really need to I just loved it that much! The title of the book made me need to read it because sexual innuendos and puns are always amusing to me and I’m so so glad that I’m immature because this book was everything. I’m extremely glad I didn’t read the blurb or synopsis or whatever you want to call it xP because it doesn’t do the book justice at all. Her “night time” job isn’t a secret like the blurb says it is, it also makes it sound like Jenna is slutty and there could be a conflict of interest with a coworker or something I don’t know why it was described like that. Honestly if I had read that I probably wouldn’t have read the book at all, trust me it’s not like it appears it’s so much more and so much better. This is one of those times that I’m glad I judged a book by its cover (and name) and didn’t read what it was about until leaving my reviews xP




Happy reading until next time!