I’m always worried when I see a book written by an author duo. I know you have editors and everything to make the book flow and seem like one author wrote it all, but sometimes it really just doesn’t work. Piper Rayne makes it work though, this book felt so smooth and polished and I never in a million years would have guessed that this was 2 authors not just one. If you haven’t read The Bartender yet, that is book one in this series. You don’t necessarily have to read that book before The Boxer, but they do connect and the way they end tie in the next book. The Bartender was about Whitney and Cole, this book is about Tahlia Lucas and Chase. The books kind of end in a cliffhanger to connect them even more. Its really really neat to have a book end from one persons perspective and then the next start from another persons. They are cliffhangerish because you get attached to these people, and you want to know what happens to them, but the couples in each book get their HEA so its not really a full cliffhanger. I can not wait for the last(?) book in this series. That one will be about Lennon who was my favorite in all the books, Tahlia was the one I expected to connect to the least amount, but she is so human that I had no difficulty at all. She wasn’t spoiled rich, she was just a person who happened to have a lot of money. I honestly really liked this book. If you want to meet Tahlia for the first time in The Boxer you wont be lost, and even if you are momentarily there is a bit of a recap so you don’t stay that way. I know I’m reviewing the Boxer and not the whole series here but I just needed to point out how awesome all of that is xP On to the part about just this book here haha. This book wasn’t the best book I’ve ever read, but it was really good. I felt attachment to the characters, I felt the emotion they felt, and I was easily able to get into their heads. It was a faster read, and it was very predictable, but sometimes its really nice to sit down with just a nice fun simple read. I love the characters in these books, I love the fun connected endings, I love getting to be in the heads of each of them. Tahlia is unique in the sense that she isn’t living the life she really wants for herself, but she doesn’t dwell on that fact, shes extremely optimistic and makes the life shes living the one shes happy with. Its so nice to see a strong rich woman who doesn’t complain about being stuck in a certain job or life. She perseveres and excels and doesn’t whine or feel bad for herself. Shes self sacrificing, but in the best way. Spoiled little rich girl, has no place in this book, she may be rich but she isn’t defined by that. I honestly really loved her, even though she was in a bad place at the start of this book (honestly in that situation who wouldn’t be though). I wasn’t expecting to understand her and like her as much as I did, in fact I think (so far anyway because I just know that the next book will be my favorite) I liked her story the most. Theres a little bit of everyone in each of these women and its really nice to see multifaceted non stereotypical women. I would definitely recommend this book and the entire series!


Happy reading until next time!