This book was amazing! I’m not one who laughs out loud easily, especially not with books. I don’t know why but to me laughing from a book is usually just smiling. This book had me smiling the entire time, I was so amused, and I loved Tia so much. I actually laughed out loud a few times which surprised me. xP I felt such a connection with her, honestly out of all the characters I’ve read Tia is probably number one, shes just so fun, silly and human. I loved her so much that I was sad when she was sad, it was never really a cry worthy book but I connected with Tia so much that I cried. I am not ashamed xP This author is phenomenal, this book was just perfection. It was light, flirty, sexy, fun, funny, and it was lengthy. Lately a lot of books seem to be like a hundred and fifty pages, which is a nice short filler read really, this was actually a book it took time to finish but every minute was worth it. There was not a single dull moment and it was long enough that I really got everything I needed from it and more. I can not wait to read everything T.Gephart writes/ has written. This book was exactly what I needed. I have never heard of T. Gephart before and I am so very happy I was chosen to review this book because she could easily be another one of my favorite authors. In fact even though I’ve only read one book by her she already holds my best character title. Tia is amusing, and awkward, hilariously so, but not to the point where shes just a mess or that it seems like the author is trying way too hard to be funny. It flows so smoothly and everything from the humor to the story line is relatable.I mean you aren’t going to really fall in love with a movie star (Right? I mean maybe but its a one in a million shot xP) but the way she told the story it seemed possible, it wasn’t just a super crazy out there thing that seems impossible but its okay because its a book. Honestly the description of Eric made me think of Alexander Skarsgård so it was easy to be enamored because can you say yum xP. So picturing an actual movie star as a movie star (lmao) just felt so right haha. Its a story line that makes sense, with characters that are beyond loveable. I loved every single person shown in this book, and that is something magical. I honestly can not rave enough about how factastic this book was. I want my friends to be Lila and Ryan, I want to make Eric mine, and I felt like I truly was Tia. This book is truly something special.

Happy reading until next time!