I can’t handle that ending! This book was addicting, and I wish I could say which team I’m on but I’m honestly hoping she can find a way to be with both of them xP If only life worked that way right lmao. But books are a fantasy world, and I feel like Hawke and Josh both compliment her in different ways. I guess if we had to go with who treats her better I’d have to be team Josh, but if we have to go with who could potentially be the love and light of her life I’d have to say I’m team Hawke. Its so hard to pick as they are complete opposites, and they do the complete opposite things for her. Does she want to be content and safe her whole life, or does she want to be pushed out of her comfort zone. I mean sure Hawke may not be entirely stable or know how to handle a relationship, but Josh could be the entirely wrong guy and shes just sticking with what she knows. This book made me think too hard xP I absolutely can not wait for the second book. I’m dying a little knowing that I have to wait 3 more weeks (February 13th in case you didn’t know). I went into this knowing it was book one of two but man I was hoping it would be a better ending. The ending is a fabulous cliffhanger and its amazingly done, I just didn’t want a cliffhanger at all haha. I hope this didn’t give too much away, I mean I didn’t exactly reveal anything other than there are 2 guys, but I mean if the title of the book didn’t clue you into that then I’m very sorry I may have ruined that aspect for you. This book felt very real, and the problems and questions and hangups and everything else involved was just life. It wasn’t an easy romance, it wasn’t insta love (I mean kind of xP), it had substance and a special realness to it. It also wasn’t a normal love triangle, I mean sort of but Mia Kayla has a way of writing that makes everything her own. I honestly pictured Sam as myself, and that just shows how amazingly written this book is, I know she was described but I honestly felt so in her head that through the whole thing it was me I was seeing in all of it. This book is something special, go get it before book 2 comes out you have 3 weeks!


Happy reading until next time!