I am an easy cryer when it comes to books. If its well written and emotion I cry. However I have never sobbed as hard as All In (Full Tilt), I was ugly crying, loud weird noises. This book just touched something deep inside. It had me a sobbing mess. It was beautiful, it was painful, it was moving on, it was love, it was life. It was everything. One of the best books I have ever read. I kind of figured it was going to happen based on the first book Full Tilt but I never could have imagined how beautiful the story would end up being. Emma Scott is an amazing writer. Without the first book the second one would be nothing, the characters came to life and were so real. I cried my normal book cry at the end of that one, but All In took all those emotions left over from Full Tilt and wove them into something heartbreakingly real. I thought Full Tilt was one of the best books I’ve ever read and Emma Scott just made the second book beyond anything I could have imagined. I’m struggling with the right words to say, its hard to describe without ruining the books. The first book it got you to love the characters, the second book made you hope that they would all be okay. I love me a HEA and with the way the first book ended I didn’t know if it was possible or not, even though I was expecting the surprise moment that the second book starts with the challenges to bring it about are something amazing. These books show how to love, what love really looks like no matter what. How to move on and deal and be happy. I thought one part of the second book was kind of unnecessary but at the same time it wasn’t because it showed how much she truly had moved on. The end was a perfect tribute to everything. From start to finish these books were nothing but amazing. Absolute perfection.



Happy reading until next time!