Beautifully Broken, by Laura Lee was a book in its very own category. Its a romance so of course parts of other books are the same as other romance novels, but other parts are so far apart from other books that it really is in a class of its own. This book was so far from what I was expecting from the description.One of my favorite quotes ever was in this book, “Reading doesn’t signify intelligence. It’s simply a great form of escapism.” This book was a fantastic escape. That’s how I have always looked at reading and to see it there like that was something I wasn’t expecting but it struck a chord with me and I loved it. Honestly I thought that the book was going to be something else entirely the description didn’t really describe the book. The beginning made me feel, and I feel like as it went on it lost a little bit. It was a great book regardless but there was just something in the first few chapters that was missing from the rest of the book. Had it stayed the same throughout it would have been one of the best books I’ve ever read, instead of just the really great book that it ended up being. I would highly recommend this book. I related to the beginning of it so much. I felt like I was Kat. Of course there are aspects that I couldn’t relate to whatsoever, but the writing was so well done that I could still empathize and understand. It was filled with emotion and just wonderful. It was an amazing book and I loved it. I just wish it could have kept up its momentum. I swear I have never felt so much like a character in a book in my life, I mean the mentality of her anyway not exactly her life experiences.


Happy reading until next time!