Don’t get me wrong I love me a good book too, but when you find an author that you can read every single book by, to me there is no better feeling. If you’ve read my other posts you know that I am a binge reader xP (Yeah I’m still stuck on that lmao). I love to love authors, I love to read everything they’ve written, and when I find an author that I absolutely love everything they have written there is no better feeling. Mariana Zapata has become my newest obsession. She writes these characters that just come to life, and so far all the books I’ve read have had a connection in some way, not that you need to read them all but they all exist in the same universe in a very amazing way. Its unique that its not a series where you absolutely should read every book, they are all standalones that just connect with each other. Its so neat. I know thats not an entirely new concept, but she has made it her own. Not all of them are in the same place and not all of them have characters that know each other, but in some the characters connect, in some side characters connect the new characters while still being a side character. I love it especially since its not “advertised” as a connected universe. So far I have read Lingus, Under Locke, Wait for it, and I am currently in the middle of reading The wall of winnipeg and me. I started out with Wait for it which was so good and the characters just came through so well it was like I was watching them on tv, so of course I went and read everything else. The one I’m currently reading The wall of winnipeg and me has a character that gets her own love in Wait for it, which I was surprised to find out oh this is their story thats so neat. Wait for it has a motorcycle group thats also in Under Locke but the only character thats really shown in both books is a side character whom I really like. Lingus so far is the only book with zero connection to any others, but who knows she might find some way to connect it in one of the ones I haven’t read yet or in a new book she writes. I really hope she writes more books. Shes clever and smooth and unique, she doesn’t really have the average romance story line; boy meets girl, they fall in love super quick and then something nearly destroys them and they decide their love can survive anything after some time apart and they get back together (Yes I have posted something about that as well before xP). All her books are kind of similar in the sense that the women are sarcastic strong yet super kind and innocent, and the guys are strong brooding and closed off. Its not the same characters recycled though, which I have come across before, while they are similar in their personalities, they are written so well that they are different enough to be very interesting. I am 100% addicted to her right now, I’m doing a reading challenge and I can’t stop reading Mariana Zapata books long enough to read the books I should be reading! I took a little break to write this because I had to share how great she was but now I need to finish this book!

Happy reading until next time!