Okay I found this new author that I absolutely love, and she could honestly write about a dog pooped on the floor, someone stepped in it and fell in love with the dogs owner, but the dog wont stop pooping on her foot and they of course figure it out and stay in love and together, and it would still be an absolutely amazing book because they are just that good of an author. Even though its something you’ve never experienced you can still picture it and feel the emotion and just be completely invested in the outcome of the story. I have a few of those honestly but my newest obsession is Susan Ward. I recently posted about her The Girl On the Half Shell series, because she made me invent binge reading xP (hey let me have my fantasy) with that. I have been doing this book reading challenge so I unfortunately didn’t do my norm and find and read every book shes ever written, but one of her other books ended up in the challenge this month, and wow. I do not read gay romance ever, because there really aren’t many main stream novels like that. The Manny is a gay romance novel, with characters from her other series that I already reviewed, and I was hooked. She writes so well and just words cannot describe the amount of love I have for this author. I of course am not a man so I have never experienced sex like in this book, but she describes it so beautifully yet so raw that I could picture it easily. Which may sound weird, but she does it in such a way that it just isn’t weird at all. This book lacked some of the emotion that her other books have, but its the first in a series, and it was an obvious lead up to the real action and craziness. *Ugh boring an entire book leading up to the real story no thanks right*, but its not like that. It could be a stand alone book, it wouldn’t be my favorite book if that were the case, but it would still be above par. She is just talented at getting her imagination on paper so well that it really doesn’t even matter what she’s writing about at all. See my first sentence, if Susan Ward wrote that exact book, I would indeed read it, and more than likely love it. Shes good. Very good.


Happy Reading until next time!