I’m sorry for the big gap here, but I was dealing with a lot of stuff and I just didn’t have a chance to get on here, plus I really hadn’t been reading, and what I did read was not worth mentioning. Until yesterday. I binge read an entire series in 24 hours. Is that a thing, binge reading? Well if it isn’t it is now, for me at least. The Girl On the Half Shell series by Susan Ward had me absolutely addicted. I stayed up until 4am because every time I finally finished one book I needed to start the next one immediately. I pulled myself away long enough to fall asleep, but the first thing I did when I woke up was finish these books.  It was well I don’t know how to explain, there really isn’t a short review for this, other than that it was absolutely amazing. The first book I almost felt like they had mental illnesses, but the time period they were in they wouldn’t have been diagnosed or anything because well who acknowledged mental illness in the 80’s. It was never stated that it was mental illness and it really was never brought up after the first book, but with the way alan and chrissie behave I wouldn’t be surprised. My only negative about this series was that it was staged in the 80’s but it seemed way too modern to be in that time frame. I mean it was a book about rock stars so they could be way ahead of the times. I wanted it to end because it was so darn good that I needed to know what happens. OF course eventually it did end and the first book in her next series broken crown was actually the final story of alan and chrissie. When it was over I wanted more, because it was just so darn good. I suck like that though I want to finish so fast and so bad just so I know what happens, because I develop such a vested interest in these book characters, that I rush and don’t take breaks and then hate myself when I finish the series. There were obviously things that I just didn’t understand and it really bothered me that they took so darn long to end up together. Plus I could tell right away at the start of broken crown the big secret that almost destroys them… again. It was a lot of back and forth, but it was just so real. I mean I couldn’t put them down so that says a lot. Beautifully written and just unforgettable. Truly a must read. Just make sure when you start you have no plans until the series is over because those darn cliff hangers made it impossible to stop reading. It was like a movie I could picture everything so clearly, yes there were factors that made me hate the people in the books, but just another way it was so real. I swear I lived this life, it was just amazing. I could go on and on and just repeat myself in several more different way, but I’ll leave you with this, if you are going to read one series and only one this year, you really should make it this one.

Happy reading until next time!