I thought I’d do a book review on a shifter series about werecats! It might sound lame I know but this was one of the first shifter series I had ever read and its actually so interesting I own all 6 books. Rachel Vincent did an amazing job at making a series that would normally be for teens, into one for adults. Surprisingly this was her first series for adults, and it is smoking. Stray is the first book in the series and it follows faythe, one of the few remaining female werecats. She left home because she just wanted to be herself, and this book follows her having to come home and come to terms with her destiny. The entire series is from her perspective and its nice to watch her grow from a spoiled brat to someone who can lead the entire pride. Rogue, Pride, Prey, and Shift all have their own problems, that link to the biggest problem for all of the werecats. Faythe was sick of the archaic ruling system, and she wants nothing to do with what is expected of her.  Female werecats are extremely rare, and only families who have a girl as a child are ruling families, they are expected to stay home and have babies until they in turn have girl. Faythe found her soulmate, but didn’t want to stay at home popping out kids, she wanted to have a say in her future, so she ran away. Her father finally calls her home because someone is kidnapping female werecats. She ends up getting herself kidnapped, but saving everyone else who was kidnapped. She falls back in love with the man she ran away from and makes a deal with her father that leaves her at home for a year. In the remaining books new types of shifters are introduced and end up helping the werecats even though they were thought to be evil. Lives are threatened, taken, and saved. The final book Alpha breaks down all barriers and she finally realizes that her father while it seemed he was prepping her for the life all female werecats are expected to lead, was in reality prepping her to change the foundation of all werecats. She becomes her prides leader. This is a paranormal romance obviously, but its also so much more. Its accepting who you are, changing what should never have been, and discovering personal truths. You will drool, you will cheer, and sadly you will cry, but most of all you will love. I first read this series about 8 years ago, and to this day it is still one of my all time favorites. Its wonderfully written, and super unique, an absolutely amazing series. I highly recommend it!

Happy reading until next time!