Is anyone else sick of these books that have outrageous reasons for the couple breaking up? I know that for most books the plot is couple meets, couple has a stupid easily avoidable problem that breaks them up, then the couple decides its not worth the pain of losing the other person so they get back together, and everything is happily every after. I’m a hopeless romantic so I love a happily ever after but I’m so sick of reading a sentence and just wanting to throw the book because I can predict exactly whats going to happen from there on. In one book (I honestly cant remember which and I’m paraphrasing anyway) I read this sort of sentence; Hopefully I can figure this promotion out before my significant other realizes whats going on, I’m just going to wait to tell her everything until I fix it all myself.. Are you kidding me, now shes going to find out in some round about way and get super pissed off that you hid stuff from her, probably assume you are cheating on her, and leave you. Of course that’s exactly what happened. If people would just communicate all these silly little reasons that they break up wouldn’t happen. Of course that also makes a book a little harder to write because lets be honest there is a theme to everything, the only things that really change are the characters and their lives. I just was craving something that was realistic and had a different type of story. I started this reading challenge and one of the books available was The Fix It Or Get Out series by Christine Ardigo. It was so real and just something that could truly happen to anyone. It was super refreshing. It wasn’t as smooth as some other books, but getting away from the every other romance novel out there made it so worth it. I think this author must have had an absolutely terrible boss at some point in her life because that is a common theme throughout this series. I feel like there could have been a little bit more editing done as well because there were a few mistakes that were missed. That said  if you are looking for something outside of the norm I highly recommend this series. These books are really about finding yourself, and I feel like that is something everyone can relate to.

Spoiler Alert. There will be an in depth review from here on, so if you’d like to read the book with no idea whats going to happen I suggest you stop reading now and come back once you’ve finished the books.

The first book in the series is Cheating to Survive, and yes there is a lot of cheating. I’m not normally someone who likes a book with cheating because I’m such an honest person that it drives me nuts. However in this the cheating was so beautifully concluded that I was able to like the entire book. Some books have people cheating just because they are bored or whatever, but in this book the men they married just need to be smacked. Normally I would say just leave, you don’t need to cheat you just need to get out of the marriage and then find your happily ever after. The women in this book want to get out but they have children or other reasons making it so they second guess leaving. They are miserable and just want what everyone wants, to be happy. So they go out and have sex with someone who isn’t their husband because the guy makes them feel cherished and happy. Of course its not all roses and rainbows. In the end, because these women cheated they were able to find the strength it took to leave the men who were no good. V found a man who loved every aspect of her and didn’t want her to parent him, he showered her with love and affection, and she left her husband for her perfect man. H cheated with a man who was really just using her to get laid no strings attached, even though she fell for him. In realizing that yet again she meant nothing to a man, she found what she needed to leave her miserable husband. (Her story is continued in book 2 of this series so stay tuned for that xP) C well her story confuses me the most, because it honestly seemed like her husband abused her, and then he goes and tells her that shes the one who left the marriage emotionally, he loves her so much and wants nothing but for them to be happy. Of course theres more and he opens her eyes that really the only reason she was miserable was because of herself. I don’t get it though he hit her, How is she the one who stays with her husband and falls deeply in love again, it just makes zero sense to me. But all around this book just showed life for 3 unhappily married women. It was real life and while it wasn’t all happy or overly dramatic it was beautiful to see that no matter what you can find your happiness if you just get the strength to go out and get it.

The second book in the series is Every Five Years its the extended story of Heather from the first book. I thought there was a lot of overlap that could have been removed from this story to give the ending a little more depth. But it was a very nice story. I really liked getting to see the full relationship between H and N, and getting into Ns head. It was so easy to see why after all those years they were never able to let each other go. I wish there would have been more at the end because I thought the HEA wrap up was a little rushed, but I loved seeing the actual divorce and how much she really fought to get out. I wanted to cheer when she finally succeeded and I really just loved H even more after this book. At first it was kind of hard to root for H but this book made it so super simple. In the first book H is really the only one who didn’t get her HEA so it was really nice to see her find it.

The third and final book in the series is The Bridges Before Us and I almost didn’t read it. I had taken a little break between this book and the first two, so when I came back and read who it was about I thought it made zero sense and was super upset. As I started this book over it clicked, this book is about H’s first set of coworkers, duh. I’m glad I didn’t just assume this book doesn’t fit in the series and I hate it, before I read it all the way though. This book ended up being my absolute favorite in the entire series. Sam was lost and didn’t know who she was and who she really wanted to be. She struggled a lot but in the end the struggles she faced made her find herself and the love of her life. This was the only book that really fit the every other romance novel mold, but it was also unique enough that I didn’t mind one bit. If you are going to read any book in this series make it this one.

Happy Reading until next time.