Hi all! I’m so excited to get started so I’m going to jump right in! I thought instead of doing a normal book review today I would post about my absolute favorite authors right now. There is no better way to get to know someone than knowing what their favorite books are xP. To me a favorite author is way easier to have than a favorite book, I honestly could not pick just one, because lets be real there are so many different types of books that its hard to compare any of them. I really can’t even pick just one favorite author, but my all time favorite author would have to be Sharon Sala. I have read every single one of her books and they are all phenomenal. She writes romantic suspense novels, and she writes them so well that I swear I’ve been a bounty hunter. Unfortunately I haven’t but I was so into Kats head in Sharon Salas Cut Throat that its hard to remember it was just a book. My newest favorite author is Meghan Quinn I just discovered her books 2 weeks ago, and I read 17 of them in a week. I couldn’t stop. You can definitely tell which of her books are older because they aren’t as smooth and polished as her newer stuff, but they are still really good books. The newer books are smooth and hilarious. At times it feels like shes trying too hard, but for the most part she writes so well and so funny that those few slips are worth it. I don’t often buy books because I read so much so fast, but I told my husband after I finished Meghan Quinns Bourbon series that I needed to go out and buy all three, plus Repentance which really should just be book four in the series. I loved all of the characters and I needed more. I think I read those four books in one day they were so so good. She writes mostly romantic comedy and she really is hilarious. An author that got me to throw the never judge a book by its cover rule away is Jamie Mcguire. I had ran into my local library to pick up a bunch of books I had put on hold (Heather Graham all of them because shes another amazing author and I was in the middle of finding and reading most of her books at the time) and as I was standing at the check out I saw across the room this butterfly in the new fiction section. I actually told the librarian hang on a second and fast walked (because running in a library just seems wrong xP) to grab it. I didn’t even read the back cover to find out what it was, I just knew from how beautiful it was that I needed to read it. Ironically the name of that book is Beautiful Disaster and the whole reason I grabbed that book was that it was beautiful  and I was drawn to it. I fell in love with Jamie Mcguire that day and have read most of her books. She writes sarcastic bad ass men, and the women that find them might even be more bad ass than them. I haven’t read her other series yet but that one is a zombie type book and I am waiting for my library to finally pick me to read it xP. If you can’t tell when I absolutely love a book I go out and read as many books from that author as possible. I think that does it for right now. If you haven’t read these authors yet I strongly recommend it! I’m crazy picky so for me to read every book they’ve written means they are crazy good!

Happy reading until next time.